Saturday, March 2, 2013

Announcing: The Review Review, Review

Dear readers,

Again I'm sorry for having to stop doing much writing here in order to get work done.  I promised I'll be starting up something new soon, and, well, soon is nowish!  I'm going to be doing a little sort of review blog, where I'll be reviewing... literary reviews.  I know, it's odd, but I've been doing it for a while now and it is actually pretty fun and leads to some interesting little insights, all while condensing and aggregating what's good in the most recent--primarily literary--publications, like the LRB, the NYRB, TLS, the LARB, Granta, poetry magazines, the book review pages of the NY Times and other newspapers, etc. etc.  Basically what I can get my hands on and digest.

There will also be contributions from other knowledgeable critics I know.  And the occasional dip back into the archives to look at past publications and see what critical conversations in the past were like--and whether they were any different.  And some original reviews by myself and others.  It can't be as comprehensive as other sites, or as big as other reviews, but it will be selective and interesting, and try to revive the venerable and exciting tradition of the "review of review" format and the impetus behind some of the more radical "literary intelligencers" of the 19th century, which are really just so perfect for the modern media situation.

I'm just putting together the final details, and getting a few reviews done to hit the ground running, but expect a link to the new site in early April.

All best,