Sunday, October 7, 2007

Being-towards-death, sur-vie, and the specter

Justice... must carry beyond present life, life as my life or our life... To be just: beyond the living present in general--and beyond its simple negative reversal. A spectral moment, a moment that no longer belongs to time, if one understands by this word the linking of modalized presents (past present, actual present: "now," future present). We are questioning in this instant, we are asking ourselves about this instant that is not docile to time, at least wo what we call time. Furtive and untimely, the apparition of the specter does not belong to that time, it does not give time... This justice carries life beyond present life... not toward death but toward a living on [sur-vie], namely, a trace of which life and death would themselves be but traces and traces of traces, a survival whose possibility in advance comes to dis-join or dis-adjust the identity to itself of the living present as well as of any effectivity.
-Specters of Marx, "Exordium," xix-xx.

I will write on this in the next few days: the main connection is that here we are not being towards death, towards a moment of actuality or a now (even if this now, as in Heidegger, is precicely an opened-up or ecstatic Augenblick). Hopefully I'll be able to get to this around Friday, and will also include remarks concerning Derrida's Of Spirit: Heidegger and the Question.

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